Christmas tree stand instantaneous automatic self-adjusting, the PrettyFastStand™ tree-shoo™ by hiilz™.

Christmas tree stand self-adjusting PrettyFastStand
hiilz™ will enable over 33 million real Christmas tree buyers to automatically set up their Christmas tree in the stand in under 5 seconds, without help.

hiilz™ (, the manufacturer of instantaneous tree shoes (Christmas tree stands), launches an important Christmas breakthrough innovation to help millions of people set up their real Christmas tree & the stand instantaneously, without help.

According to Vince Hebert, hiilz™ founder, “setting the Christmas tree stand should be a fun and creative family activity. It shouldn’t be a chore leading to a quarrel. Setting up the Christmas tree should be all about creating sweet Christmas family memories.”

The other Christmas tree stands currently available on the market use screws to tighten the Christmas tree. To reach those difficult to adjust screws that hurt the hands, you have to lie under the Christmas tree and go through a lot of screw adjustment in order to align the Christmas tree vertically. How to know if the Christmas tree is vertical by then? The usual set up process becomes a real challenge if you are all by yourself setting up the Christmas tree & the stand. It can easily take over half an hour. With an instantaneous Christmas tree holder, like the PrettyFastStand™, the Christmas tree could have been entirely decorated by then.

PrettyFastStand™ tree-shoo™
hiilz™ ( offers the PrettyFastStand™, from the tree-shoo™ collection, as a solution to the mentioned problem about 33 million1 real Christmas tree buyers experience year over year, in North America. Each year millions of moms, dads & couples make the ecological & ethical choice by buying a real Christmas tree.2 The PrettyFastStand™ lets you set up the real Christmas tree & the stand in under 5 seconds, all by yourself, without help. This is also appreciated by people having some disabilities. Moreover, its size makes it ideal for small spaces. To use it, you simply have to place the Christmas tree in the holder base, while intuitively adjusting its verticallity by pushing or pulling the trunk horizontaly, and... voilà! You’re done. That's a touchless stand. A video demonstration of the PrettyFastStand™ is available online at

Gravimatic™ clamping mechanism; fast &… happy!
In order to obtain an automatic & instantaneous Christmas tree base, you need the Gravimatic™ patents pending clamping mechanism. Gravimatic™ is the key to hiilz’s tree-shoo™ self-adjusting, to the tree trunk, and self-locking qualities. The Gravimatic™ mechanism doesn’t use screws. Instead, it uses self-locking or self-securing clamping devices that don’t damage the Xmas tree trunk. The breakthrough clamping mechanism is also crooked Christmas tree proof, allowing you to easily and intuitively align the tree verticaly. Gravimatic™ makes hiilz’s tree-shoo™ very ergonomic, intuitive and safe.

Capihealth™ hydration system; more is less!
The Capihealth™ hydration system makes it possible to have a smaller water reservoir that contains the same amount of water than a larger Christmas tree stand. Capihealth™ automatically optimizes the water capacity of the PrettyFastStand™ depending on the Christmas tree trunk diameter. This is achieved, in part, using a capillary apparatus that brings water from the base up to the Christmas tree. Capihealth™ makes room for about 350% more water capacity than a Christmas tree pedestal without Capihealth™.

hiilz™ tree-shoo™ are available online at

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PrettyFastStand™ Instantly Fastened™,
by hiilz™
Creating sweet family memories ™

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