Self-Adjusting Christmas tree stand
    The PrettyFastStand™ Instantly fastened™

  • Best Christmas tree stand setup under 5 seconds™, by yourself, without bending, no help needed!
  • Fastest intuitive best Christmas trees stands. See video

  • Only a single person required by this Christmas tree stand
  • Self-adjusting small Christmas tree stand: no screws
  • Self-locking = safer, best small Christmas trees stands
  • Gravimatic™ instantaneous clamping mechanism (more)
  • CapiHealth™ automatic self-watering system (learn more)
  • For standing a Christmas evergreen up to 7 foot tall (2.13m)
  • Trunk dia. 3,5 inches(9cm) Perimeter: 11"(28cm) or less

  • Collapsible legs, small Christmas stand, stores everywhere
  • Stand made of: Stainless Steel metal & Composite polymers
  • Best Christmas tree stand for small spaces; Condo, apartment

  • small Christmas tree stand self-adjusting
      PrettyFastStand ™ Christmas tree stand
    small Christmas tree stand self-adjusting
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